Reporting a Repair

Repairs will be carried out by either our own maintenance staff or an approved contractor. We will always ensure that staff and contractors have identification with them, protect your property, and clear up after they have finished their work. We will carry out post-repairs surveys on a number of the repairs carried out, and also ask you whether you were satisfied with the repair and the service.


To report a repair email: If it’s an emergency repair (water coming through the ceiling, no electricity to the whole flat, or no heating or hot water in the winter months) and the office is closed you should contact your warden – see the previous section for how to contact your warden.When you report a repair we will ask your permission to carry out the repair whilst you are away from your flat, and give you either a morning or afternoon appointment time for the repair to be carried out, allowing you to be there if you wish to be.We will always ensure that a member of our staff is in attendance if we have asked a contractor to carry out the repair and you can’t be present.We prioritise repairs according to their urgency, and this determines how quickly they will be carried out. Generally, this is as follows:Emergency dealt with within 24 hours – health hazard, high security risk, very damaging to the building, no hot water or heating.Urgent dealt with within 5 days – low security risk, minor structural problem, inconvenient to the tenant.Routine dealt with within 15 days – all other day to day repairs.


We maintain all drains, gutters, roofs, external pipes, chimney stacks, walls, windows, doors and door locks, paths, steps, stores, gardens and fences. We aim to redecorate the outsides of our buildings and common areas about every eight years.We maintain all walls and doors, ceilings, floors, joinery, door furniture, all kitchen and bathroom fixture and fittings supplied by the Association. We decorate the inside of flats when it is needed.We are responsible for maintaining all of your water, gas and electricity, sanitary services, including baths, showers, sinks, W.C.s and basins, your heating, lighting and all appliances supplied by the Association. If you have a gas boiler in your flat we will service and safety check it every year.We provide and maintain fire protection equipment, door entry systems and TV aerials. We also deal with pest control. We are responsible for maintaining all decorations, furniture, furnishings, appliances and floor coverings that we have supplied. We will safety test all portable electrical appliances that we have supplied every year. We will check tanks and shower heads on a regular basis for Legionella.


You are responsible for unblocking drains, sink wastes, W.C.s etc. where the blockage is caused by you or your guest. You are responsible for replacing lost or damaged keys and repairing or replacing damaged fixtures, furniture, floor coverings and appliances where the damage has been caused by you or your guests.You are also responsible for repairing damage caused by fixtures or appliances that you have installed including making good when you remove the fixture or appliance when your occupancy ends. You are responsible for resetting trip switches and heating controls.You should place your rubbish and recycling in the designated areas only, on the designated days having regard for other residents who may live close to these areas.When a repair is reported and it could be the tenant’s responsibility, we will explain this to the resident and inform them that they might be charged for the repair. We will ask the contractor to provide us with a report and if there is a dispute, staff will liaise and negotiate with the resident.Where a resident neglects or damages their home, they may become liable for the cost of the repair or renewal.


Blocked sinks and WCs are a constant problem in our old buildings. Please make sure that you dispose of food stuffs properly particularly rice and cooking fat (a regular cause of problems). Please don’t dispose of articles such as diapers/nappies, sanitary towels, baby wipes, paper towels etc. in the WC.